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Saga World Builder

Welcome to Saga World Builder Late Pledge Manager! You can order your Saga World Builder Late Pledge here. We will ship your order with our Kickstarter Campaign.

What is Saga World Builder?

Create maps for tabletop role-playing and miniature games with the world's largest modular, erasable tile set. Dungeon, mining, village and neutral tiles! Hundreds of sticker objects, magic items, weapons and more! PLUS an online planning and mapping app!
  • Basic Box

    Basic Box


    This BASIC BOX for Saga beginners.
  • Saga Endless Adventures
    A “build-your-own” dungeon crawl by Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter)
  • Stretch Goal Pack
    Add more unique designs to your base set—Castle, Village, Docks and more! This pack includes the limited edition bonus tiles and stickers from our Kickstarter campaign.
  • Mega Box

    Mega Box


    Want to build a MEGADUNGEON or share with a gaming group? Mega is our largest set.
  • Deluxe Box

    Deluxe Box


    Deluxe allows you to build even LARGER designs with double the amount of tiles and stickers offered in our Complete set.
  • Complete Box

    Complete Box


    Complete is our RECOMMENDED STANDARD set, allowing you to build most designs.


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